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Crash 97 / The Situationist Issue

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The Situationist Issue #97

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Crash 97, The Situationist Issue is 240 pages of fashion, art, interviews and more. La société du spectacle, the premonitory text written by Guy Debord in 1967, just a few months before May 1968, has left a lasting impression. It was in this text where Debord first introduced the refusal of work, of the large-scale formatting that was in the process of being organized, and of consumer society at large. A refusal also of hobbies, refusal of capitalism, of mass culture, with a desire to live in the present moment. The premises of this movement, if we can call it that, are told in a unique way by Michelle Bernstein in this issue. She takes up one by one the iconic characters who populated this youth in permanent revolt, in 1950’s Paris, in Saint Germain des Prés. We dedicated this issue to them. Crash, in almost twenty-five years, (30 if we count the journal Blocnotes created in 1992) has become the time-capsule of our times, and the diffracted mirror of all these free electrons, emancipated from external influences, and far from marketing of all kinds, a reflection of our contemporary obsessions...

In this latest issue discover photos by the legendary Bruce Gilden shot in New York City, multiple exquisite fashion series in black and white and on polaroid film; an interview and photoshoot with Oscar-winning British actor Eddie Redmayne about his passion for art and his most recent project, The Good Nurse released on Netflix this month; an interview with Swedish musician Lykke Li about the release of her latest musical project EYEYE; an interview with up-and-coming designer, head of French maison Rochas, Charles de Vilmorin; and a selection of rising star designer profiles. The issue is available for order at the Crash store and will be available in kiosks this week. When ordering you may select one of the ten covers of your choosing; discover the covers below.

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